From the recording We Are Born Blind



I’m not frightened
No, I am not afraid
Let the Devil take his due
I won’t run away

I’ll come out fighting
Where sin is grace abounds
I will make my stand
Planted here on holy ground

I’m never going to let you down
Give me strength I pray
I’m listening for that distant sound
Of thundering and rain

I am dying
But I will be brave
Oh, death where is thy sting
There’s no victory for the grave –

I am not hiding
I’m standing in the sun
I am just what I am
I’ve done everything I’ve done

We are thieves and vagabonds
Beggars day by day
Take my soul to the lost and found
The cost has all been paid

I won’t deny Him
I am not ashamed
They killed him on the cross
But he rose on the third day

And I’m so sorry
Take this heart of mine
Crush it in it your hand
Turn my water into wine

I’m so tired of getting old
My body’s worn and frayed
The sun has set and Its getting cold
And only love remains