From the recording We Are Born Blind


Note: Wrote this for my lovely wife, Donna for Mothers Day 2016. We have been married for 43 years and she gave us four wonderful children. This also shows my children that I can write a song less than four minutes long.

(I Will Bring You Flowers)

C Fsus
Don’t ask how much I love you
C Am
Don’t ask how much I care
C Fsus
Words can never touch
The feelings that we share

Fsus C
And I will bring you flowers
Fsus Am
Just because I can
C Fsus
And there in the small hours
C Fsus C Fsus
I will take your hand

The stars may last forever
The sun may always shine
But I’ll always be a beggar
In search of still more time

And I will sing you love songs
And recite you poetry
I thank God in heaven
That you belong to me

Am G6 F C/E Dm C6 G
Why do we wait till it’s too late to tell others how much we care
Am G6 F
Life’s too short to waste if we hesitate we might turn around and they’re no longer there

Nothing lasts forever
And gold turns into rust
But some things just get better
Just look at us

And I will be your lover
And I will be your friend
And I will bring you flowers
Just because I can