From the recording We Are Born Blind



G Em C G
Elijah come down in your chariot of fire
G Em C G
Carry me away from this land of desire
G Em C G
I’m so afraid I can’t stay here no more
G Em C G
I am a stranger at my own front door

And I don’t care where we go
I just can’t stay around here no more
Carried to and fro
By every wind that blows

Moses come down from the mountain top
The people are wicked and they refuse to stop
I feel abandoned and left all alone
They’ve traded the commandments for a calf made of gold

Now carry me away into the wilderness
There I’ll stay until the Lord gives me rest
Turn my back on the place I was born
Set my face to the coming of the Lord

Peter O Peter come out of the storm
The waters are raging we must head for the shore
Cast your net one more time
Maybe you’ll catch a dear friend of mine
Ten more minutes, that’s all I pray
As I stand a bear witness to the ones that got away

Jesus come out of the synagogue
The people are stirred up and they’re growing so loud
Press my way through the angry crowd
See you safely to the edge of town