1. Ashes To Ashes

From the recording We Are Born Blind



Ashes to ashes, dust unto dust
A man’s got to do what a man must
Break his back against the plow
Earn his bread
By the sweat of his brow

And if he’s lucky he’ll find a woman who cares
To stand beside him – all his trouble to share
And work out his days in trembling a fear
Till they lay him down in the ground
Watered by her tears

The world will never be the same
If we let this moment pass
Unnoticed – slipped away
Capture every second
Thank God for all His blessings

And in the morning we’ll rise up
And thank the Lord we’re alive
We got to rise up
And go to work one more time

Ashes to ashes dust unto dust
Life is too lonely to live without love
We spend our days accumulating wealth
On our last day living
None of it will help

And what we do for a living
Doesn’t mean a thing
A house – a car – lots of money in the bank
What good does it bring?

We’re born – we live – and finally we die
With nothing left to keep
Tell me what is any of it worth
If there’s no one left to weep?

Then rise up and thank the Lord you’re alive
Open your eyes up and pray that there still is time

Ashes to ashes, dust unto dust
Kingdoms crumble and iron rusts
Cities tumble and fall in the sea
Nothing remains
But a memory

And that’s the well of it there is no other way
The heaven and the hell of it
Are determined right here today
All the money that we set aside has no lasting worth
Every time that a young child dies God reaches out to earth

So rise up and take a stand
Rise up and make known your demands
Open your eyes up – take a look around
Tell me what do you see
Tell me what have you found

Ashes to ashes, dust unto dust
Forty lashes – minus one
A crown of thorns and the stripes he bore
Heal our own wounds
And our strength restore