1. Free As A Bird

From the recording We Are Born Blind



What if the sun refused to shine
And the stars up above all fell from the sky
What if the moon failed to rise
Would love survive?

What if the wind forgot to blow
And the grass and trees stayed asleep ‘neath the snow
What if the rivers and streams did not flow
Stop – look around – where did they go?

Oh to be Free as a bird
To fly over mountains and see all the world
To go where we want to and never return
Why can’t I fly?

If I were an Eagle – I’d fly so high
That no one could see me except God in the sky
We’d look down from heaven and we would both cry

What if the rain and the snow did not fall
And the oceans dried up to nothing at all
From up in the sky all the world’s troubles look small
God, why can’t I fly above it all?

Back on the earth nations wage war
Brother kills brother till all brothers they are gone
Mothers cry ‘cause their children are no more
Oh, why can’t they fly, why can’t they soar?

Now Allah or Jesus or whoever you are
Can you not hear us – from your distant star
Please come and free us from who we are

Till all of the children in all of the world
Can live life in safety but will we ever learn?
Dear God in heaven look down from your skies
Are we not all children in your eyes?