From the recording We Are Born Blind



Here I stand on the battle front, the Savior at my side
The fire of hell I can almost touch, there’s no place left to hide
I turn my eyes to see the cannon flash, for a moment I am blind
I’ll stand my ground and let the others pass, for he is a friend of mine

I’ll stand alone, between the altar and the sacrifice
I’ll stand alone, I’ll never falter in the name of Christ

In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus knelt to pray
He turned his head and he looked at me and said “bother won’t you stay?”
All my friends have gone to sleep and left me here this hour
The bitter cup I am left to drink and I don’t know if I have the power

Judas came in the dark of night and betrayed him with a kiss
And as they took my Lord away he turned and asked this
“Though all others forsake me, stay here by my side
For I know what awaits me on the hill of the crucified”

On the cross he raised his head and called his Father’s name
The sky was dark, his blood ran red, still no answer came
Then he turned his eyes on me and said “Will you leave me too?”
I fell on my knees and prayed “Lord, what can I do?”

In a dream He came to me and said that all was well
That for sinners just like me, He died and conquered Hell
He freely gave up His own life to save all other men
I swear none shall hang my Lord upon that cross again!