From the recording We Are Born Blind


Notes: Life is hard. It is harder without Christ.


There’s a first time for everything
Funerals and wedding rings
No one knows - what the future brings
Till you walk out of that door

I’ve taken all this life it gave
And I thank God that Jesus saves
Give me strength to make it – one more day
Help me win this war

You know Lord, I’m just a man
Tired of soul and a weary hand
Help me now to understand
What all of this is for…

I walk along the forgotten road
I walked so far and all alone
Carrying this heavy load
I can’t lift it anymore

I’ve lived so long that I forget
That what we sew is what we get
My cup is filled with emptiness
I can’t drink it anymore

Every day - another lash
A thousand stripes laid ‘cross my back
A million miles and don’t look back
There’s nothing there for you no more

There comes a time to every man
To take a side – to make a stand
To go with God – or God be damned
I can’t do this by myself


Yea Lord you know that I believe.
Help me now my unbelief
I am strong – but I am so weak
I can’t do this any more

Suddenly he is next to me
Picks up my cross and carries me
No more a slave - I am free
Free forevermore

I’ve seen all that I want to see
Strike me blind – and let me be
Jesus come and rescue me
I can’t stay here anymore

Cast off this weight – take my pride
Pull this beam out of my eye
Break my heart from deep inside
I don’t wanna to live this way no more.

We live we work and then we die
And what’s between we call time
The years they came and passed me by
Like the wind - where did it go?
The years they come and passed me by
Like the wind – where did they go?