From the recording We Are Born Blind



Pick up your cross, lay down your sins
The way that it was is the way that it is
Pick up your cross, lay down your sins
The way that it was ids the way that it is

People claim that everything’s changed
But men still seek power – men still seek fame
And the more things change the more they stay the same
‘Cause the power that preserves is the power of His name

Now we are so intelligent – we’re so smart
Aren’t we so elegant – a true work of art?
And we’re so proud of how far we’ve come
Just to turn right around a crawl on back to the mud

The way folks act they ain’t really changed
Since Adam and Eve, they both disobeyed
All the knowledge we seek – all the fruit that we try
The only one for sure s that we surely will die

Now you can laugh and call me a liar
But strong men still fall for a pretty Delilah
You can call the bible fiction and fable
But brother kills brother – just like Cain and Abel

Now what would he do – what would he say
If Christ were alive in the U.S. of A?
Those cities on son – Gomorrah and Sodom
In L.A. and New York they’d simply had shot him

We got all the answers in this day and age
Our lungs filled with cancer – our tongues filled with rage
But for every answer a question is raised
We can’t get to tomorrow ‘till we get through today