From the recording We Are Born Blind



Before the sun rise, before the cock crow
You will deny me, you’ll swear you don’t know
Three times, three lies
What will a man do when he’s got to survive ?

When you hear the “crack” of the jailers whip
Upon my back your courage will quit
And as the last lie passes from your lips
You’ll see the kingdom of God slip through your fingertips

Three days, two nights
What was it he said, I can’t remember just right ?
Something about the son of man
Delivered unto the gentile’s hands

There to be mocked, theirs to despise
Cursed and beaten, then crucified
That for all men he alone should die
And on the third day again to rise

Peter, do you love me, all my words then keep
Peter, do you love me - then feed my sheep

It’s not what we say in the house of our friends
That proves our hearts desires
What really matters at the end of the day
Is what we say as we stand ‘round the fire

We sit in our churches, we sit in our pews
Singing “Praise to the Lord”, and “Sweet Hallelu’s”
While back on the street we cower with shame
Afraid to stand up when they profane his name

Do we really love him, all his words then keep
Do we really love him - then feed his sheep

(Instrumental Break)

When enemies gather their plans to conspire
And say “do you know him?” how will we reply
Will we face the redeemer as we stand ‘round the flame
Or turn our backs on our King in the hour of his pain ?

When we hear the mob as they start to descend
Will we come to his aid, will we rush to defend ?
Knowing nothing we do can change how it ends
But when a man is dying all he wants is the comfort of friends

(Small musical break)

One life, to live
Three times, forgive
What can we do to ease his pain
After all he’s been through how can we repay?

Just look around and find some hurt
On the image of God and put your faith to work
If we want to help God we’ve got to understand
That his work and his glory is the eternal life of man

Musical pre-end – drums

Do we really love him, all his words then keep
Do we really love him - then feed his sheep