1. I Pray For

From the recording We Are Born Blind



I pray for all the people who cry for want of bread
Underneath my steeple with my good roof overhead
If my prayers go unanswered its not that God’s unable
I must share the bounty that he’s placed upon my table
Upon my table

I pray for politicians who sit in marbled halls
May God grant them wisdom to make our nation’s laws
When they do something foolish I wonder if God cares
Jesus please keep us from the leaders that we deserve
We get what we deserve

I pray unto the Father and ask Him for His help
But why should He do anything
That we won’t do for ourselves –

I pray for all the soldiers who fight our nation’s wars
That they might be protected and safely come back home
When I hear that bugle play its mournful call
Brother may hate brother, but Jesus loves us all
He loves us all –

I pray for my own children and my wife that they’ll be safe
That they will grow up happy and they’ll learn to walk in faith
Sometimes I lay trembling – my soul afraid of hell
God protect my children – now did I teach them well?
Did I teach them well-

Sometimes I wonder if things could get much worse
If every day were Christmas then there might be peace on earth
God look down from heaven and see what we have done
The world is filled with weapons – It’s time to send your Son
Send down your Son