From the recording We Are Born Blind



In the winter of my life I can see
All the footprints scattered on the ground
Every step I ever took is there for me
Every place I stumbled and fell down

There’s the place my Daddy said to me
You’ve got to make it on your own
Turn your face and walk away from me
And never come back home
Never come back home

On the hills surrounding Galilee
I heard every word he said
He fed five thousand and then he fed me
From a single crust of bread

And over there on top of Calvary
He stopped to save my soul
Every drop of blood he shed for me
Fell like scarlet on snow
Scarlet on snow

In the garden of Gethsemane
The drank the bitter cup
He prayed My Father let this pass from me
But if thou will I’ll drink it up

And as he prayed more earnestly
His blood like sweat it did flow
An angel came and gave him strengthening
It dropped like scarlet on snow
Scarlet on snow

We may think that we are each
The master of our souls
But soon our grasp exceeds our reach
And we begin to know
The earth is just a speck of dust
Floating in the air
The universe is full of us
And only Jesus cares

Jesus dies on Calvary
Hung between to thieves
Today you’ll be in paradise
For you believed in me
They hung a sign above his head
Here hangs the King of Jews
They took him down when he was dead
And laid him in a tomb

I was there when he raised Lazarus up
After four days in the grave
If he raised him he surely can raise us
When he comes to earth again

And over there is where the Savoir stood
While Pilate washed his hands
I find no evil in this man”, he said
I just don’t understand
What would you have me do with him
And the people said
Give us Barrabus and crucify him
And his blood be on our heads
His blood be on our heads”

Jesus walked on water and gave sight unto the blind
If he cleansed the lepers he can cleanse a soul like mine
Made the deaf hear music and made the lame to dance
If he did these miracles perhaps I’ve got a chance

Three days passed and Mary cam to roll away the stone
When she arrived his was not there – Jesus he was gone
He was alive – resurrected
Jesus alive – she did not detect him

Woman now why do you weep
Why so heavy laden”
They took my Lord I know not where
Now tell me where they laid him

Touch me not now Jesus did for I mist go to heaven
I’ll meet you in Jerusalem, now go and tell my brethren
That I am alive – I reign forever
Jesus alive – he reigns forever