From the recording We Are Born Blind



Jesus, please tell me you still love me
Help me to find my way home
Sometimes I’m not even sorry
For the things that I do that are wrong

But casting aside all my foolish pride
And searching the depths of my soul
Jesus please heal me – I’m hurting inside
Please Jesus, just take me home

Savior please save me from something
Something so dark and so deep
Lord, sometimes I feel nothing
And nothing comes out when I speak

Often at night I am so lonely
I’ve forgotten just how to rejoice
Sometimes silence is holy
But tonight I must hear your voice

Jesus, I am so thirsty
If I don’t get a drink I will die
Give me, just one drop of water
From the well that will never run dry

Lord, I’m so tired of my wandering
In a world so lonely and cold
Light up my way with your thunderings
Open your gates, take me home