From the recording We Are Born Blind


Notes: While in the Army I spent 1990 stationed on the border of Egypt and Israel. Almost every weekend I was in either Cairo or Jerusalem. I spent many hours in contemplation, standing where Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Holy City. This song is a reflection of those hours.


I’ve got to go where the prophets preached
To breathe the air and walk the streets
I must go back – back to Jerusalem
Send a cry across the land
To every children of Abraham
I must go back – back to Jerusalem

You can throw me into the lion’s den
You can hold me in a dark prison
But I’ll go back – back to Jerusalem

In the garden in the dead of night
They took my Lord without a fight
And took him – back to Jerusalem.
He said to Judas “Now what is this?
Will you betray me with a kiss?”
Now go back – back to Jerusalem

Now Peter – put your sword away
You will need it soon – but not today
We must go back – back to Jerusalem

Pilate said as he washed his hands
“I find no fault with this man
Now send him – back to Jerusalem
The people shouted, “He is not our king
Put him to death and set Barrabus free
Crucify him – outside Jerusalem

Now nail him – to a rugged cross
Better one man die than a whole nation lost
Crucify him –

Upon the cross at Calvary
He prayed for you and eh prayed for me
Father forgive them – they don’t know what they do
They counted him among the dead
Three days later Jesus rose again
He is risen! From an empty tomb

You can tear down this house of God
I will raise it up three days from now
And I’ll come back – back to Jerusalem

You can throw mw from the mountaintop
You can stone me but I will never stop
You can hang me from the highest tree
Curse and damn me or just let me be
But it won’t be enough to silence me
I will come back – back to Jerusalem