From the recording We Are Born Blind



We are born blind – blind from our birthing. 
We are born blind when we come to earth. 
Born blind there ain’t no rehearsing 
Born blind the last to the first

Open my eyes that I might see clearly
Open my eyes that I might believe. 
As I stumble and fall on my life’s dark journey
Take a hold of my hand a gently lead. 

Cause we are born blind -Life is uncertain
We just don’t know what the future will bring. 
Born blind - Behind a dark curtain.
Nothing remembered – we’ve forgotten everything

In my mind’s eye I see things much clearer 
Whenever I cry, washed clean with my tears
I hear your voice but dare not draw nearer 
It’s not the night but the darkness I fear

Too many voices in the dark. 
Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart. 
If I give heed – which one to believe 
If I choose to follow – where will they lead me Cause 

I was born blind

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit that was forbidden 
The serpent he said, “Now at last you shall see 
The difference in good and the evil that was hidden
 "Ye shall not die but as gods ye shall be”

The devil deceives – he is a liar. 
We can’t believe a word that he says. 
When he told Eve that her eyes would be opened
 He knew her heart would be blinded instead.

Why am I here, where did I come from? 
If my eyes are clear then why can’t I see? 
After I die where will I travel 
Unravel the threads of this dark tapestry.

Just like a glass standing darkly before us
Starkly we see through eyes that are stained
Stained by the sin and the falling of Adam 
One little bite and the whole world was changed

Put out my eyes that I may not witness
Put out my eyes that I may not see
The wars and the crimes- The murder and the sickness that 
Storm through this life like some deadly disease

In Adam we die because of transgression
In Christ made alive we rise from the dead
Do not give heed to the devil’s deception
All things shall be as they were once again ‘cause 

I was born blind – I am a beggar
O, Son of David have mercy on me.
Touch my heart that I might see better
Touch me heart that I might believe