From the recording We Are Born Blind



Though I speak with an Angel’s tongue and have not charity
Sounding brass I have become and cymbals tinkling

And though I understand all things and have the gift of prophesy
And have the faith to mountains move but have not charity

Without love I am nothing
Without love I am blind
Without love I can do nothing
But live and die

Though I give all that I have to clothe and feed the poor
And give my body to be burned until I just can’t give no more
And though I leave all that I have the hungry to be fed
But if I have not charity then all my works are dead

When I was a child I spoke like a child I played with childish things
Now I’m a man and I understand I’ve got to put away those things
Faith, love and charity, we must abide all three
But the greatest of them all is the gift of charity