From the recording We Are Born Blind



Cast you bread upon the water and it’ll return to you
Do not give a thought of things you think you must pursue
We must do the things that we saw the Savior do
And then all your sons and daughters will come home to you

Cast your cares upon the Lord and he will lift you up
If you thirst for truth restored then He will fill your cup
We must say the things that we heard the Savior say
If we do he said he would return for us someday

We - spend our time running here and there, but
We - just don’t seem to be going anywhere
Please - show me how to stand on holy ground
Going to cast my bread past the waters edge and turn myself around

If we watch the wind and rain then we will never sow
If we need everything explained then we shall never know
If a tree falls north or south then there shall it be
Nothing really matters in this world of vanity