From the recording We Are Born Blind

Notes: Regardless of what is thought of the Mormon religion, theirs is a fascinating history inseparably connected to the western settlement of the United States. Their founder, Joseph Smith, was imprisoned in Liberty Jail at Independence Missouri, in December 1838 on charges of treason - in part because he preached the overthrow of all earthly governments upon the return of Christ. Charges were dropped and he was released in April 1839 - only to be martyred 5 years later by a mob while jailed at Carthage Illinois, while under the protection of the governor. This song is based upon letters of Joseph wrote to his wife Emma written from Liberty Jail in Independence Missouri from December 1838 to April 1839


Dear Emma, these walls are so cold
My Emma, how long can they hold us
Apart from each other without word or letter
I want to reach out and touch you but my arms are fettered

Now Emma, has it been so many years
Can you remember past the sorrow and tears
To when we were first married and the dreams that we shared
Now those dreams have been buried and I am so scared

What I wouldn’t give to hear the echo of your voice
To feel the shadow of your arms around me would make my soul rejoice
How is it we don’t appreciate
The ones we love until it’s too late
If I died tonight then at least I’d escape
Back to my Emma

You were with me from the start
And Emma, you always have my heart
The only thing that I gave you was heartache in life
With empty hopes of tomorrow as a Prophet’s wife

Now Emma, If I should die today
My Emma, I will go prepare the way
I never gave you a home or kept you in fashion
But when I call you forth we will live in a mansion

Emma, there’s so much more I want to say
My Emma, before they lay me to the grave
I’ve seen the face of the savior, the Lord God of hosts
Why then can’t I envision the face I love the most?

Emma, sometimes it’s hard for me to see
Beyond the visions, back to my own reality
Though I may be a prophet with dreams from above
I don’t need a revelation
To know who I love - I love you Emma

Dear Emma
My Emma
O Emma