1. Whose Hands

From the recording We Are Born Blind

We humans think we are so smart with all of our science and philosophy. God man Adam from the dust and the clay and told him and Eve to take care of he earth. How have we been doing so far? We drill, we dig and we build and then we tear down. We have everything under control ....until we don't. After all is said and done, our fate is still in God's hands.


Whose hands cut the timber
Who was it fell the tree, whose
Calloused hands and fingers made the
Cross of Calvary

Whose hands struck the metal
Whose hammers’ steady beat
Forged the spikes and nails
Driven through his hands and feet

Whose hands --- Whose hands

His hands broke the bread
His hands poured the wine
His hands healed the lepers and the
Lame and the blind

His hands calmed the waters
Fed five thousand by the sea
But the greatest miracle of all
Was to save a man like me

His hands ---- Gentle Hands

Whose hands did betray him
In Gethsemane
For thirty silver pieces
Sold the son of Galilee

And whose hands did bind him
And carry him to trial
But how could he be guilty
When he was the true Messiah?

Traitors hands --- Traitors Hands

Pontius Pilate said
I find no fault in this man
But try as he might – He could not wash
The blood off of his hands

The crowd called for Barrabus
They shouted “set him free”
Then what shall I do with Jesus?
They cried “Nail him to a tree”

Bloody hands ---- Such bloody hands

The Soldiers mocked and scourged him
And gave him a crown of thorns
Forty lashes minus one
Upon his back he bore

He carried his own cross to the
Hill called Calvary
And there he was crucified
For sinners just like me

Broken hands - Broken hands

He said - Father forgive them
They know not what they do
Into thy hands, I commend
My Spirit unto you

Then whose hands gently laid him
In a borrowed tomb
Bound his wounds and bathed him
With water and sweet perfume

Sweet Perfume


Whose hands rolled the stone away
So he could rise again
And walk among the living
Then to God ascend

Now my hands are worn and calloused
Stained from toil and blood
But Jesus bears no malice
And offers me his love
With open hands --Wounded hands

Now the day is surely coming
Be it near or far
Distant drums are drumming
Just listen to the stars

The earth is getting warmer
Of that there’s no dispute, yet we keep
Poisoning the waters, and the
Air we still pollute

It’s in our hands -- Our foolish hands

Now Jesus won’t you come
Come and heal the land
We are blind and deaf and dumb
We don’t understand

The nations are divided
With hate throughout the land
But if man would ever be destroyed
It will be by his own hand

His own hands
Our weak hands
Trembling hands
Feeble hands
It’s in our hands